Increasingly here at Familyfirst, we are seeing a lot of clients who want to relocate to another country with their children, or want to oppose an application by the other parent for them to move to another country.

These cases are fraught with emotion – the parent who is wanting to go sees a new and sometimes better life for themselves and the children, whereas the parent who remains sees their children being removed from them almost permanently.

We are able to offer a fixed fee service in what is a fast moving area of law.

What sorts of factors are taken into account by a Judge when deciding whether a child should relocate?

The Court’s starting point is what is in the childrens’ best interests. However, there have been many cases that have helped build up the law on this point, and the law changes all the time. The Court need to see a well thought through plan – where the children will live, how they will be funded, what schools will they go to, how often will they see the other parent? They also need to be satisfied that it is being done for the right reasons – not to prevent contact to the other parent, for example.

The Court has a really difficult decision to balance up the benefits of a move, against the negatives of the move, and quite often the cases are very finely balanced. Specialist advice can help to focus on the relevant factors and most up-to-date case law.

Do you offer fixed fees?


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Fixed Fee Options

Drafting the application, preparing a statement in support of an application, service of the documentation and attendance at the first court appointment

£1,250 plus VAT of £250

Total £1,500.00

Preparing a statement in support/opposing an application to remove a child from the Country or witness statement.

£500 plus VAT of £100

Total – £600 per statement

Any other court hearing (not a contested hearing)

£500 plus VAT of £100
Total    £600

Preparing bundles of documents for court hearings   – under 500 pages    £200 plus VAT of £40
Total    £240

Document bundles between 500 – 1000 pages
£300 plus VAT of £60
Total £360

Representation at Court in a contested hearing with a time estimate of 1 day or under.

£1500 plus VAT of £300
Total £1800

* /** See footnote below

*if the hearing is at Huddersfield or Halifax [travelling time would have to be built into other court venues]
**only in respect of cases where the adviser considers that they can deal with the hearing, where representation by a barrister is required, prices on request, and after receiving quotation from barristers chambers]