blocksInitially you will be offered a free 30 minute consultation where you can either meet or have a talk on the telephone with a FamilyFirst Lawyer. We can offer advice about the law and discuss our various payment packages. We have a range of services that Family First offer on a fixed fee basis.

Once you instruct a Family First Lawyer you will receive important information such as; at what stage payment is expected and a breakdown of what is included and what is not included. Any work conducted that is not part of the fixed fee package will be charged at the Family First Lawyers hourly rate which for Vicky Medd is £220 plus VAT of £44 per hour, and for Johanna Allen is £185 plus VAT of £37 per hour.

Although fixed fees are often a good way to pay, they are not suitable in every case and we will assess whether your individual case is suitable for a fixed fee. This is because some divorce cases can be more complex than others, or you need more assistance than is offered under our fixed fee services.

In addition to the fixed fees, we also offer packages where you can buy our time at a discount. This means that the solicitor can do work for you at a reduced hourly rate.

Free Enquiry

Time Bundle 1

3 hours of time

£500 plus VAT of £100

Total incl VAT – £600

Time bundle 2

5 hours of time

£750 plus VAT of £150

Total incl VAT – £900

Time bundle 3

8 hours of time

£1000 plus VAT of £200

Total incl VAT – £1,200